Out with the old, in with the … current

How I Finally, Finally, Finally, (Finally) Put Aside My iPod

The technology & workflow that allowed me to switch after so many years

Mostly Podcasts, Also Music

Things are Breaking

iTunes: Still broken after all these years

What Happened to my Elevation Dock?

Finally, an iPhone

  1. A viable app for managing and playing Podcasts
  2. A great pair or wireless commuting headphones
  3. A second pair of wireless headphones for the gym



What about the Gym?

iPhone Isn’t Everything

Music App still sucks

Syncing Audiobooks is ugh


Imagine a New iPod

  1. SDD instead of HDD — The cost of flash memory has surely dropped since the last iPods were minted en masse. With a spinning disc replaced for solid state, it would be lighter, faster, more reliable, and would consume less energy.
  2. Wi-Fi — I’m thinking about syncing more than connected services, but I guess the kids would want their Spotify connectivity too. Imagine syncing your morning casts from the device rather than a desktop computer.
  3. Bluetooth — No brainer. Keep the headphone jack, but also include Bluetooth. Great headphones and speakers are only becoming more popular. Also would pair with cars and other devices like the old iPods never did.
  4. Lightning — Goodbye 30-pin connector. If the new iPod sported the same connection as iPhones and iPads, we would have more compatibility in charging and syncing, and overall less headache from a new standard. Better still might be USB type C, if those are in fact, to be welcomed as a new standard.
  5. New firmware — Not to get specific, but there are a few quirks with the existing (final) firmware on the iPad. I’d like to see a few new features added, even within the restrictions of a small screen and click-wheel rather than a full touch interface.
  6. No cellular — This is not a phone, it’s an iPod. This decision would be purposeful, and would help the device save battery life.
  7. Awesome battery — Like it’s predecessors, the new iPod would have great battery. Let’s shoot for a week between mandatory charges. With wi-fi and bluetooth turned off, and with the screen dimmed, there’s no reason why this isn’t possible.

How About You?



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