The Last Jedi: Musings and Review

  1. As a standalone action/sci-fi/adventure movie
  2. As the second in a trilogy, started in 2015
  3. As a piece of a huge, multi-generational mythology, started in 1977
  1. It’s convoluted as a movie. Too much going on. Too many characters, too many deaths, too many explosions (yes, I said it.)
  2. The storyline shown in The Last Jedi gets a lot more interesting if you ignore the precedessor. If we can keep our wonder on the next film, we might be entertained.
  3. Lots of good stuff to pull from, let’s hope they use some of it.



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Prescott Perez-Fox

Prescott Perez-Fox

Independent Graphic Designer & Brand Developer, Host & Creator of The Busy Creator Podcast, Swing Dancer, Old Rugger, Blogger, Simpsons referencer.